because the internet

because the internet

Tony Breckenridge reviews Childish Gambino’s recently dropped because the internet album and pontificates on how Gambino is making hip-hop for the modern day barista, office assistant and any other jobs millennials are scrambling at these days.

because the internet sounds like the official iPod of Generation Y on shuffle. Just like his 3 previous releases, Childish Gambino makes hip hop albums regardless of hip hop. Donald Glover, rapper/actor/singer/writer/producer, makes music for the baristas/office assistants/ bloggers/ playwrights/ musicians/ photographers/ whatever other passions we claim as careers. because the internet is hip hop for millennials, by a millennial: an album diverse for the sake of making a statement told from the perspective of a hedonistic culture junkie that ironically reminds us of our browser history. because the Internet is eerie because it is so familiar.

Beginning with crawl and WORLDSTAR, the poignant lyricism and nerdy punchlines felt more like scrolling through instagram than listening to an album. Gambino raps with a rapper’s tenacity and meme sensibility. Gambino typically deals in the esoteric, with Disney and Nickelodeon references to spare, to further his everyman approach to rap. While most rappers give you a façade for your entertainment, Gambino is as real as a Thursday night conversation with the boys after a smoke session.

Childish Gambino never stays comfortable with just rapping. Indulging every guilty pleasure, Gambino co-produces alongside composer Ludwig Göransson, turns up with Problem, and harmonizes with Lloyd — effortlessly. His ambition to be different usually conflicts with his desire to be accepted which is very much the ideal of most millennials. Setting yourself apart as an individual without alienating yourself from your peers is a delicate balance. Gambino accomplishes this feat and fails repeatedly, always proving himself to be a contender though he only champions for the “hipsters”.

Because the Internet is offers Black Hippy lyricism without being militant, Drake’s vulnerabilities without coming off weak, Lupe’s wit without being too complex and JMSN’s moodiness without the depression. Because the Internet wins because of the internet. Choosing to speak in a language as familiar as our daily experiences, Childish Gambino gives us what we want to listen to, as diverse as it may be, with that we want to hear about, regardless of how trivial. Every experience, no matter how common, deserves artistic representation. While most of us can’t relate to the limousine and cocaine lifestyle, Gambino reaffirms that Uber and Blue Dream are just as lavish.

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