You’re Invited: Danielle Dorky Launch Party in LA!

I’m thrilled to announce a Danielle Dorky Launch Party, presented by Citizens of Culture Book Club. Join friends for a book exchange and language arts showcase this Saturday, February 8th at Mandrake Bar in Los Angeles., my dorky guide to literature and music, turns one month old this week. The website is inspired by my two favorite art forms, and strives to acknowledge the diverse and obscure talents hidden within each genre.  

Danielle Dorky Launch Party

Danielle Dorky Launch Party


After launching the site and receiving so much positive feedback, I began to wonder about organizing a more tangible space where literature and music could converge. Thus, the idea for the Danielle Dorky Launch Party was born.

I was enamored with the idea of a book exchange. I’m naturally a bit shy and introverted, but one surefire way to open me up is to ask me to explain the plot of a book I’m reading and why I would recommend it. Bars in Los Angeles (and many other places, I’m sure) can be cliquish and intimidating when it comes to approaching strangers. A book exchange, where each person arrives with a book intending to trade it, encourages people to step outside their comfort zone, plus you get to go home with a new book!

Being that Danielle Dorky  is dedicated to introducing new and emerging talents, the evening wouldn’t be complete without a small showcase of local talents. After the musical and spoken word performances, resident Mandrake DJ Merc 80 will provide the shoulder-shimmying tunes for the remainder of the evening.

Oh, and did I mention that Pranom Pop Up will be serving authentic Thai food on the patio?

Bring a book and join us this Saturday, February 8th at the Mandrake Bar for the Danielle Dorky Launch Party, presented by Citizens of Culture Book Club and United We Function‘s event curators.

Check out the flyer for full party details and RSVP at!

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