Presenting AstroSounds: A Cosmic Concert Experiment

Danielle Dorky has partnered with Astroetic Studios to create AstroSounds, a new, free monthly concert series that will change the way performers and fans interact.

AstroSounds - Thurs, Aug 13th at 8pm with Royal Auditorium and Audreytina

AstroSounds – Thurs, Aug 13th at 8pm with Royal Auditorium and Audreytina

When we first tossed around the idea of creating a monthly concert series at Astroetic Studios, we knew that we wanted it to be unlike any other concert experience. I’ve often opined in my concert reviews how some shows feel like a high school cafeteria, particularly in Los Angeles, where everyone seems too preoccupied sizing each other up and balancing in 7-inch stilettos to truly enjoy themselves. There’s a unique and genuine camaraderie that grows between two people who share nothing in common except a passion for the same music. And so I knew that part of the mission for AstroSounds would be to create an environment where people not only felt comfortable dancing and socializing, but where they could be moved and inspired.

So what exactly makes AstroSounds unique? In addition to a carefully curated line-up of independent artists, AstroSounds bridges the gap between listener and performer by cultivating bold conversations about music and art. After each performance, I will conduct an interview and audience Q&A, through which we hope to provide insight into the creative process and give fans a deeper understanding of their favorite artists’ motivations and influences. Capacity at AstroSounds will be limited to provide each guest with a one-of-a-kind, intimate experience.

The best part? AstroSounds is FREE with RSVP.

Join us for the first AstroSounds on Thursday, August 13th at 8pm with performances by:

Royal Auditorium


RSVP for the address:

Check out the Facebook event and invite your friends!

If you or someone you know is an independent artist and interested in performing at AstroSounds, please feel free to email me at!

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