Event Review: AstroSounds – Audreytina & Royal Auditorium

Event recap of the first AstroSounds concert with Royal Auditorium and Audreytina, along with pictures and videos of performances! Next AstroSounds is this Thursday, September 10th at 8pm at Astroetic Studios!

Nine months ago, when I was frantic over some now-forgotten crisis before my birthday party, my friend Waverly, a professional event coordinator, assured me, “Don’t worry, your event’s not a success unless something goes wrong.”

While I hope to prove her wisdom wrong in a few days, I have to admit feeling a similar terror when I learned that Jerome Holloway had to unexpectedly cancel his appearance before the first edition of AstroSounds last month. We were eight days out and I had no idea how we’d replace him on the line up. I didn’t want to choose someone haphazardly, I wanted the performances to complement one another.

Royal Auditorium performing at AstroSounds - August 2015

Royal Auditorium performing at AstroSounds – August 2015

Luckily, Jon remembered Audreytina, an artist who’d played at Sensory, Astroetic Studios’ opening event, a year before. With music that mimics the same sarcastic whimsy as her stage name, Audreytina‘s lyrics drip with wit and apathy, drawing comparisons to Lana Del Rey. I was thrilled when she agreed to open for Royal Auditorium, and any previous anxiety quickly dissipated into something like first-day-of-school jitters.

When I arrived at the studio that Thursday, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the set up.  I had pictured AstroSounds feeling like a spontaneous jam session in a funky artist’s living room, and ending with an organic conversation about music, art, and inspirations.

The end result wasn’t far off. The audience sat in comfortable couches and lounge chairs, or on the plush blankets or a bean bag in the front row. The musicians performed in front of looming windows that reflected a sparkling downtown skyline, and swirling shapes projected against their profiles onto the walls behind them. A static television screen hummed off in the corner, and a lamp with no shade glowed an eerie red.

The audience sat captivated as Royal Auditorium‘s jungly beats echoed over them, and chuckled good-naturedly at Audreytina‘s cheeky lyrics. After the performances, the artists sat down for a joint interview with me, and we talked about everything from the songwriting process to innovating cover songs and more.

As much as I love wordplay, it only goes so far in accurately describing such a uniquely psychedelic experience. Check out the videos of Audreytina and Royal Auditorium‘s performances to get an idea of what a cosmic experience in sound entails.

AstroSounds - Miya Folick and Edith Crash - September 10, 2015

AstroSounds – Miya Folick and Edith Crash – September 10, 2015

AstroSounds is a monthly concert series that takes place the second Thursday of every month during downtown LA artwalk at Astroetic Studios. The next AstroSounds concert is this Thursday, September 10th at 8pm, and it will be a special night, as we’ll be celebrating the release of Partir, a new album by bluesy French multi-intrusmentalist Edith Crash. Miya Folick  will open the night, and her serene folk pop sound is sure to whisk audience members to a universe far, far away…

AstroSounds is a FREE,  BYOB event! RSVP via email to rsvp.astrosounds@gmail.com or on Facebook here.

Get familiar with Miya Folick and Edith Crash at the links below:

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MIYA FOLICK – Live Performance 

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