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Dan Smith, lead singer of UK rock outfit Bastille, showed no signs of stage fright when I met him just a few hours before the band opened for Weezer at KROQ’s sold out Almost Acoustic Christmas show. Instead, he gushed over Green Day’s performance from the night before.  

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From the moment its flickering technicolor title appeared in the opening credits, it was obvious that Stranger Things was not your average sci-fi drama. The show is an unapologetic homage to 80’s horror and suspense, and from wardrobe to its synth-heavy score, it doesn’t miss a beat. The series is the first from twin brothers

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Young and rebellious without taking any agenda too seriously, Hey Violet are a reflection of the Los Angeles culture that raised them. Just named “Next Big Thing” at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, the band embodies a sound that is reminiscent of 90’s pop punk heroes Blink-182, with a dash of female empowerment and a

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Hearing Aids: How Scripps College is Cultivating Dialogue

Hearing Aids: How Scripps College Is Cultivating Dialogue

When the nation’s first women’s colleges were established, it was during an era when women who earned advanced degrees were considered unconventional—and those who used their education to cultivate their independence were viewed as downright controversial. In the United States, women did not have access to higher education until the mid-1800s, and even then their

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Get Up, Stand Up! A Legacy of Student Activism at Scripp

Get Up, Stand Up! A Legacy of Student Activism at Scripps

In 1968, when construction of a new humanities building threatened the campus olive grove, Scripps College students climbed the olive trees to thwart their demolition. It was one of many successful demonstrations during that era, and students and leadership eventually reached a compromise, digging up the trees and replanting them after the new building was erected.

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