February Chakrubscopes and an Extra Potent Full Moon Reset

"Welcome to the first installment of Chakrubscopes, our unique take on horoscopes that infuses astrology and tarot wisdom with crystal ...
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Herbalist Sade Musa of Roots of Resistance

How One Woman is Reclaiming Herbalism as a Form of Resistance

"Herbalism has been gaining popularity in tandem with spirituality over the last few years, but few herbalists are going to ...
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The Eight Best Sound Baths In Los Angeles

"Sound baths are a fairly recent phenomenon in the West, so don’t feel bad if you have no idea where ...
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Here’s the Problem with the Time Person of the Year Cover

"The Time Person of the Year cover is a visual reminder of how white feminism attempts to dictate the direction ...
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Black Lives in Libya Matter Too

"The situation in Libya is complex and that’s part of the reason it remains so deeply unresolved." To read on, ...
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Universities Need To Do So Much More To Protect Marginalized Students Like Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe

"It is up to institutions of higher education to protect their most vulnerable students." To read on, click here ...
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It’s Time for Witches and Healers to Recognize America’s Shadow

"What’s taken me by surprise has been the deafening silence from spiritual leaders, witches, and healers in the wake of ...
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8 Mental Health and Self Care Resources for QTPOC

"Healing is our birthright, and if we can’t claim it in times of unrest and chaos, when will we ever ...
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California Leads the Country in Hate Groups, Proving It’s No Liberal Oasis

"When the Southern Poverty Law Group released their “Hate Map” last week, many were surprised to see California lead the ...
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Interview with Portugal. the Man Lead Singer John Gourley

"A polished Bentley sits abandoned on the side of the road with its hood popped and tangerine flames billowing from ...
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Here’s Why Gabby Sidibe’s Comments About Weight Loss are so Important

"As someone who also lost a dramatic amount of weight over a fairly short period of time, I find Gabby’s ...
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Finding Strength in Prince’s Unlikely Mortality

"He sneered at social convention, and celebrated sexuality while sporting platform heels and a face beat to the gawds." To ...
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53 Years After Freedom Summer, Voter Suppression Still Thrives in America

"Voter registration drives are no longer impeded by bombings, but stringent new laws that require multiple IDs and other hurdles." ...
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Scenic Stars Road Travel Outdoors Sky Night

This Often-Ignored Spot on Your Astrological Chart Can Maybe Reveal Your Destiny, NBD

"Like so many things, I was first introduced to the midheaven point through a meme. I follow my personal astrology ...
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When It Comes to Officer Misconduct, How Many Strikes Before They’re Out?

"Ramarley Graham is just one of the Black men who might still be alive today if our country’s police departments ...
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Bresha Meadows Case Demonstrates How Domestic Survivors Are Punished for Defending Themselves

"After nearly a year of being dragged through the criminal justice system, it appears there might finally be some good ...
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How Malcolm X Prepared Us For a Trump Presidency

"Guessing how Malcolm X would respond to current events can be a slippery slope, but it’s safe to say that ...
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“Dear White People” is a Deep Dive Into Casual Campus Racism

"The television version of Dear White People dives deeper into its characters than the film did, bringing nuance to the ...
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5 Reasons You Need to Binge-Watch “Harlots” Immediately

"It’s been a good year for female-led TV dramas. Between Big Little Lies, Feud and the recent debut of The ...
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Environmental Racism Continues to Deny Black People a Chance for a Healthy Community

"There’s a reason why Black communities are most often the hosts for waste and sewage facilities, power plants and land ...
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8 Podcasts Hosted by WOC to Make Your Commute Breeze By

"Whether you’re looking to laugh, meditate, or get motivated, this list of podcasts will keep you entertained on the way ...
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Despite Some Setbacks, HBCUs Remain a Much-Needed Option for Black Students

"As Spelman College celebrates its 136th anniversary today, its legacy reminds us of the role historically Black colleges and universities ...
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Where Was Facebook’s “Global Community” When a Girl Was Assaulted on Facebook Live?

"Do people who witness crimes on Facebook Live have an obligation to report what they’ve seen to the police? And ...
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Trump’s Misguided War on Sanctuary Cities is Silencing Victims

"No one can say that the Trump administration hasn’t been busy. Still under the 100 day mark, there’s hardly a ...
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Neglected for Decades, French Guiana Demands Investments, Not Charity From France

"Schools, businesses and roads shuttered in French Guiana last week as over 30 labor unions launched a general strike protesting ...
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Busting the Myths of Santeria — And Their Anti-Black Origins

"Perhaps due to my own tendency toward mysticism and alternative spirituality, I found myself gravitating toward Santeria, as I called ...
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Trump Accidentally Recharged the Fight to Finally Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

'The sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and ableist rhetoric that has come to define the Trump administration has reignited the movement ...
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Georgia’s Special Election Could Be First Step Toward Turning Georgia Into a Swing State

"While the Trump administration implodes over false wiretapping claims and foibled meetings with world leaders, politicians in the 6th Congressional ...
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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Flint Water Crisis Fading from Public Consciousness

"It’s been three years since Flint, Mich., last had clean water. The crisis began in 2014, when it was discovered ...
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Resistance 101 Reading List: A Crash-Course for Aspiring Revolutionaries

"With so many civil liberties under threat, it can be tempting to let our impatience for change push us to ...
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Descendants of Dred Scott and Chief Justice Taney Push for Reconciliation on the 160th Anniversary of Scott v. Sanford

"Today marks the 160th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Dred Scott decision, which declared that Black people, whether free ...
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“Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise” Documentary Proves She’s More Relevant Than Ever

"Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise reveals that she was just as vibrant and joyful in her personal life as ...
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Be The Change: How to Make a Mind Map for Activism

"That’s how I came up with the idea to create a mind map for activism. I couldn’t be the only ...
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It’s Time to Stop Romanticizing the Civil Rights Movement and Get Real

"With celebrations relegated to the shortest month of the year, Black history has been reduced to a highlight reel of ...
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Madame Ghandi

These 8 Musicians Will Awaken Your Inner Activist

When Gil Scott-Heron declared that “The revolution will not be televised,” I doubt he imagined it’d be happening on social ...
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5 Things to do in Vietnam That Won’t Break the Bank

You’ll find many awesome things to do in Vietnam, but we picked five to get you started. As Vietnam continues ...
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Many world coins in a money jar with wedding label on jar beautiful flowers on background

9 Wedding Tips for Cutting Costs Without Sacrificing Style

"Looking for wedding tips to keep your bank account in the black? Those of us who began dreaming about our ...
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ACLU member canvassing

9 Nonprofit Organizations That Need Your Help This Holiday Season

As I watch America grapple with a national identity crisis, our usual holiday season seems forced, farcical even. It was ...
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8 Thing People in Los Angeles Take for Granted

To read the full article, click here ...
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5 Ways to Shut Down Critical Family Members at Thanksgiving

When you lead an unconventional lifestyle, there are going to be people close to you who are critical of your ...
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